We are so happy to announce the winner of our 1st Giveaway.  The winner is…..(drum roll)…Roma1912. We are so excited to be sending her the cozies.

Today was filled with sewing.  I am making this wall hanging and just can’t seem to leave it.  What have you been doing?


9 thoughts on “Giveaway

  1. OH MY little old me a winner ?? how amazing, !!!!!
    This means I get one of your coveted creations !! excitement doesn’t begin to describe feelings bubbling through me right now ….YIPEE a beautifully crafted prize bestowed on me, could this day get any better ?? I don’t think so


      1. Just returned from the Post Office. You will be receiving a gift within the week. If not let me know. I will hold on to the receipt until I know you have it. I have to laugh, I had to fill out a “Customs form”. HAHAH that was a first. I am so excited for you to get it.


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  2. Reblogged this on Craft Odyssey and commented:
    OH MY!!!!
    Many thanks to ‘one creative family’ for hosting a giveaway, I’m one very excited girl to be announced the winner ..yes little old me !!! to be a recipient of such a hand crafted prize is an honour Thank you ‘one creative family’ for your generosity … why not call over & show this blog some love will be a visit to be savoured


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