Today brings lots of fun things, and not so fun things to One Creative Family.  Got to spend some time with some wonderful people who I worked with.  It was fun seeing them and and all the kids running around in a middle school.  I do miss the adults but am glad I retired.  A new quilt is calling my name.  I will start on a Snowman attic window wall hanging for Christmas.  I love decorating.  Do you?  What are your favorite Christmas season traditions?  My favorite is having the grandkids decorate the tree Thanksgiving evening.  There is always so much giggling going on.  We have 5 granddaughters.  One grandson who is in his 20’s and doesn’t participate.

These are 2 of my Christmas wall hangings.  The decorations on the tree are pins and angels that were my mother’s . Fun to have her with us during the season.  I will be adding some of my Mother In Laws to the tree this year.  We put battery operated lights on it.


6 thoughts on “Friday

  1. That is a lovely idea. I’ve been thinking of making a wall hanging to put all my Angel and other pins onto so I get them out of the box. But I’d like it to be a year round hanging. I do a lot of decorating for the holidays with more I want to make. I finally finished the quilt our group contributed squares to. So many projects, so little time.


      1. I’m not an applique quilter…yet so not quite sure how I’d pull it off but it’s a good thought. I’ll put it to my quilting friends and see if they can help. I’m kind of a beginner at it. . 😦


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