Hello World

Good morning from good ole Independence, Missouri.  We are having some last of summer heat(I guess Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the email to day is first day of fall).  Hot and humid, but fall is around the corner.  With fall arriving that means cool crisp air and crunch orange, red, and yellow leaves falling. Then raking leaves and then comes wonderful clean winter with some … Continue reading Hello World

Wonderful Surprise

Today as I went to the mailbox I found a wonderful surprise.  Teje sent me my wonderful Needle book.  I don’t know what I was more excited about, the needle book, adorable or the envelope with the stamps.  So wonderful.  If you haven’t already, please check out https://nerospostbox.wordpress.com/  You won’t be sorry. Thank you so much Teje, Nero, and Hannah. Continue reading Wonderful Surprise

Parade Day

Today has nothing to do with quilting, crocheting, or any other kind of making of things.  This post is of what One Creative Family is about.  Family, and Community.  Our School District is celebrating its 150th Anniversary.  Starting with a parade, and the grand opening of All Things Independence.  This is a store owned, managed, and staffed by the 3 High Schools in Independence.  A … Continue reading Parade Day