Day 4

We have been on the road for 4 days and have been through 2 states.  I have already started building my stash. Gary has been teasing that we will need to buy a new suitcase just for my fabrics..I have fallen in love with quilts without corners.  I want to do some as soon as we get back..


Last 2 days.

It has been an exciting and long 2 days.  We left the KC area Saturday night at 11:38 and arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico about Noon on Sunday.  We have spent 2 days looking around and I have so enjoyed the Churches and the beautiful adobe homes.  I have found 2 fabric stores and they may need to reorder I bought so much.  Gary reminds me this is only day 2 so I better start pacing myself.  While I am out enjoying our traveling Alicia is home working, studying, and crocheting.  I will give a sneek peak at what we have been seeing.

This is the alleyway where one of the quilt shops were located.  The next picture is of the adobe pueblo on the Reservation.

I loved the Chapel of Laretto.  Just breath taking.

Will check in later.

2 Days in 1

Busy, busy, busy.  Friday we were at the craft Fair and had things up and ready to go.  We were happy to meet up with people who knew us from last year.  Always good.  Met some new people and hope to keep up with them throughout the year.

Saturday is starting out great and we will be leaving home in about an hour to go set up the fair for today.  I enjoy visiting with people and seeing all the wonderful things people have made.  I already have some ideas for the next show in November.

Alicia’s crocheted shoes have been the hit of the show for us.  One lady who bought some came back and said one kept coming off so Alicia put another row around the top to make it tighter and the lady was happy.  The lady said she will be contacting us for more, because she had to have several toes amputated due to diabetes and she has a problem with walking out of shoes.  Now she is happy and the shoe stays on.

Here are some pictures of our booth and I will be posting pictures of the fair as the day goes on.

Hello World

Good morning from good ole Independence, Missouri.  We are having some last of summer heat(I guess Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the email to day is first day of fall).  Hot and humid, but fall is around the corner.  With fall arriving that means cool crisp air and crunch orange, red, and yellow leaves falling. Then raking leaves and then comes wonderful clean winter with some snow.  I hope.  Time for me to start thinking of decorating the house for fall and winter.  With winter around the corner I am showing you some of the cuties hats.  Give you some great ideas.  I don’t crochet, but these are Alicia’s.

All finished

Got the 2 wall hangings finished.  Now a day and 1/2 till we have to set up at the fair.  I would like to take this time to say thank you all for your positive comments and for sharing your wonderful talents.  It feels wonderful to finish a project and also a little sad.  Sad because now I need to decide what to do next.  We will have to see what comes along.


Wonderful Surprise

Today as I went to the mailbox I found a wonderful surprise.  Teje sent me my wonderful Needle book.  I don’t know what I was more excited about, the needle book, adorable or the envelope with the stamps.  IMG_20160919_162706405_TOP.jpgSo wonderful.  If you haven’t already, please check out  You won’t be sorry.

Thank you so much Teje, Nero, and Hannah.