More Creating – More Art Pillows — tierneycreates

This post is a quick follow up to the post Creating… on 07/27/16 where I discussed pulling out from my project pile and completing a set of “art pillow experimentations”. I spent part of this weekend finishing up the rest of the little art pillows (they range from around 6 x 6 inches to 8Continue reading “More Creating – More Art Pillows — tierneycreates”

Week 1 Challenge

Today, Aug 1st is week 1 of our Challenge month. Here it is….UPCYCLE. Let’s take something ordinary and make something extra ordinary out of it. The two objects we chose are Jeans, and a shirt. For this challenge we “borrowed” an old pair of jeans from my granddaughter, Emily, and a shirt from my hubby, Gary. what will you do with these? I think Alicia my try and upcycle the jeans into something wearable and unique. I will take the shirt and go for something a little my on the practical, daily use. What about you?