This morning I was checking Facebook and saw a post from one of my Daughters. During the storm last night the walnut tree by her driveway lost a large branch and her driveway was blocked.  Gary and I headed over with the trusty chainsaw, leaf bags, rakes, clippers and what ever we thought we needed.  After 3 hours, and 9 large leaf bags later all is cleaned up and we also helped her weed eat her yard.  It has been too wet to mow and her front yard was getting tall.  Told Gary on the way home I wanted to quilt this afternoon.  Yea, right.  The  check engine light came on in the SUV so Toyota here we come.  Ended up tires needed to be rotated.  Evening has come and I am going to start sandwiching a lap quilt.

IMG_2396.JPGThis is the latest quilt.  It is a Robert Kauffman kit.  First time for a quilt and I really enjoyed it.  I am going to use the left over fabric to make a few pillows to match.

Alicia is still nursing “tennis elbow, and carpel tunnel” in her right arm from too much crocheting.  She is now moved to fabric and is making some coasters.  I am glad to see that she is beginning to enjoy sewing.  I will be anxious to see what she is making. I saw one last night and she seems to be doing a great job.  Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I will have some pictures to show you.

I would like to ask everyone that reads this to be honest and let me know if I start rambling or get too boring.  I don’t want either and do so appreciate honesty.  I promise not to take it personally especially since I am asking.

One important thing to remember… “Never squat when wearing spurs.”  Just think about it.



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We are a multi generation team. We create different things and a lot of times we have fun creating with 3 generations of people. That is how we came up with our name because as you will see we are "One Creative Family". Please feel free to join us :)

4 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Beautiful quilt! In terms of whether you “ramble”, if this blog is intended primarily for family, then I would think they do want to read those details about family. Those who don’t know your family can still enjoy the creative projects.


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