Super Sunday

Good morning all.  I have just enjoyed a wonderful visit from my oldest Granddaughter.  She is a freshman at college and was home for the weekend.  It seems like she has turned in to an amazing woman over night.  It is beautiful to see.  I have been in the “crafting” mode trying to get things ready for the next craft fair the end of September.  These microwave bowl holders are a big seller  I started these last night and finished them this morning.  I have to take a count of what I already have and how many more to make.  IMG_20160821_113118303.jpg

Then on to peanut brittle.

I make jalapeno peanut brittle, regular peanut brittle, and pecan brittle.  We make it very thin.  Won’t pull the fillings out of your teeth when you eat it. Have a great day.


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