I have gotten side tracked this morning and so I am running behind.  We went out to the meat market and picked up meat for the freezer, and now I am getting to business. I have 2 more totes cut out and am going to finish them today.  I better, tomorrow morning I have my baby granddaughter to spend the day with me.   20 months is a little too young to do any sewing, but her favorite hobby is playing in my scrap stash.  When she leaves we are picking up scraps out of every room in the house.  IMG_20160128_162312.jpgAfter picking out the longest and the one to strike her fancy she drapes it across her shoulders and walks around .


I will post pictures of the totes later today when they are done.  One is a trial pattern.  I have seen one similar, but this one will be mine and will hold lots of stuff to go to my quilt guilds.


Since I have bored you to tears I will sign off and get to work.  Maybe I will have something more interesting to share.


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