Try, Try, and Try Again

This is exactly what I have done the last 2 days.  My first attempt started off really well

IMG_0420[1]Nice Right?

Until you turn it over…


And there are ALL my mistakes right there…but hey not bad for my first one.

One to my 2nd…

IMG_0425[1]I sewed all these little things and turned them inside out (my fingers hurt)

IMG_0426[1]Not to bad, but it came out smaller than the rest.  Its not my favorite.

IMG_0427[1]This is the back

IMG_0430[1]Finally I came up with these!  They are made out of old jeans and fabric.  I haven’t learned to applique yet so I sewed the flowers on and tried to do things a little different.  Not to bad though.

Tomorrow I’m going to go to mom’s house to learn to applique.  Hopefully I’ll get everything figured out and do more.   I will continue to try, try, and try again!!  – Alicia


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