I am running a little late on the computer today.  My daughter and I took the youngest granddaughter to the Children’s Hospital Emergency Room last night and got home about 2:30am.  She is doing better, was dehydrated and had a viral infection.  An I.V. and watching to make sure the heart rate was ok and only 6 hours later all 3 of us made it home.  Destiny is only 20 months old and couldn’t let us know just how bad she felt.  But with meds in her I am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.  We babysit her 2 days a week.

Then Alicia, my oldest daughter, came over so we could do some sewing together and throw ideas back and forth.

I am very lucky to have children (3 of them and a daughter in law) who can help with the creativeness when needed.  I count a lot on my Hubby for his input on what looks good together.  He does get a little more conservative on fabric choices.  I do enjoy the bright and crazy things alo and for these I go alone to the fabric store.

I have decided to take one of Gary’s(hubby) woodworking intarsia patterns and make into a wall hanging.  It is an angel sitting on a bench.   I will post photos of the progress, but today is the day to finish up a few items that are started.

I am rambling so I will sign off and enjoy some of your posts.  Good night all.



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