Aug 31

Today is reminding me that fall is just around the corner.  September 22nd this year. The leaves will be changing, making looking out my sewing room windows so much fun.

A view outside in October in Missouri.  This inspired the colors for this quilt.

Bad lighting on the one on the left.

Rainy day in Missouri

More projects from One Creative Family.

New pattern:   I have posted my newest pattern on Ravelry.  Check it out!!hat Made by Alicia (Daughter)

1457183630841[1]Needlepoint  28×24 inches made by Mary (Mother in law)IMG_2335 Gary’s wood working (Hubby)

IMG_6342James’ wood working (Son)

IMG_5118 copyMy paper piecing quilt.

Just a sample of why we are “One Creative Family”  There will be more at a later date from the Grand kids.  Enjoy your day.

Summertime Sandles


sandlesMade by Alicia

Aunt Lydia Bamboo Crochet Thread #3 and D hook.

Stitches to know-

SL ST= slip stitch                                                                       TBC=treble crochet

SC =single crochet

Beg V=Chain 4, DC in same space                                  V=DC, Ch1, DC same space

*Vs are worked in the ch1 space throughout the pattern*


Row 1) Chain 20, join with a sl st into the first chain. This will be the loop for the toe, as well as starting the triangle.


Row 2) SL st into the big loop, Beg V. Turn


Row 3) SL st into the ch1 space from previous Beg V (from here out this is how you will work the turn) Beg V, V. Turn (2 Vs worked)


Row 4) Sl st into previous Ch1 space. Beg V, V in space between previous V, V in last V. Turn (3 Vs worked)


Row 5) Sl st into previous ch1 space. Beg V, V in the ch1 space, V in next ch 1 space. Turn (3Vs worked)


Row 6) Sl st into previous ch1 space. Beg V, V in same space as Beg V, V in next ch1 space, 2V in last ch1 space. Turn (5Vs worked)


Row 7) Sl st into previous ch1 space. Beg V, V in each of the ch1 spaces across. Turn (5 Vs worked)


Row 8) Sl st into previous ch1 space. Beg V, V in the same space as Beg V, V in each ch1 space, 2Vs in the last ch1 space. Turn (7Vs worked)


Row 9) Sl st into previous ch1 space. Beg V, V in each of the ch 1 spaces across. Turn (7Vs worked)


Row 10) Sl st into the previous ch1 space. Beg V, V in same space, V in each of the ch1 space. 2Vs in the last ch1 space. Turn (9Vs worked)


Row 11) Sl st into previous ch1 space. Beg V, V in each ch1 spaces across. Do NOT turn (9Vs worked)


Row 12 turn triangle so you are working along the side. Sc, ch3 sc around the last DC just made. Sc, ch3, sc around each DC around. When you get to the toe loop, I pulled it down so I could sc, ch3, sc in the same space and around the other side. 3 Sides completed.


After 3 sides are completed chain the number you would like, I had mine tie in the front so I chained 121 and fasten off. Join with sc in the same ch1 space you ended with. Sc, ch3, sc in each ch1 space, ending w/ chains for the other side, again I chained 121. Fasten off.


Ch 4, join to 1st ch to make a loop or do a magic loop

*Ch 4, 3tbc, ch4, sl st into ring,* Repeat 4 more times for a total of 5 flower petals. Sew onto sandal.

~Pattern written by Hooked2yarn, please do not present this pattern as your own. You do have permission, however to sell any product made from this pattern~

Quilt of Valor inspired

As I watched Fons and Porter special “Quilts of Valor”  I was very inspired.  I come from a family of people who have served in the Military and wanted to honor some very special people.  My oldest brother was a Navy Seabee, and served in Viet Nam.

I made the following quilt for him.  For the center I drew the Logo for the Seabees, appliqued it, added the color bars for where he served, and dates of service.

Had to put it on the Texas Flag.  Second quilt was for my husband who was in the Air Force.


2 for 1 day

Good morning on this beautiful Sunday morning.  Yesterday was spent very busy, mainly playing with Destiny.  She will be with us again today and so I am getting this out early.  I hope that this little picture is a sample of what is to come in the future.  That I have 1 out of 5 granddaughters who will want to quilt.  263_1472391602144

She will sit and wait till I make the stitches and then she grabs the needle and pulls it up.  She hasn’t grasped the concept of putting the needle into the fabric.  Once she does we will move to cardboard shapes, plastic blunt needles and yarn.  The other granddaughters like that and we would sew.

Who knows they may all enjoy doing this as they get older.  I have sewed with all the girls in one way or another and they have all become crafters in one way or another.


Today I am making some potato bags.  To cook potatoes in and corn on the cob.  Keeps them moist and hot.  Put a potato in the bag and microwave it.  Do not punch holes in the potato, and cook.   Skin is soft and not tough.  We love them.  Pictures to come tomorrow.


Remember… “I know I’m somebody, ’cause God don’t make no junk!”



This morning I was checking Facebook and saw a post from one of my Daughters. During the storm last night the walnut tree by her driveway lost a large branch and her driveway was blocked.  Gary and I headed over with the trusty chainsaw, leaf bags, rakes, clippers and what ever we thought we needed.  After 3 hours, and 9 large leaf bags later all is cleaned up and we also helped her weed eat her yard.  It has been too wet to mow and her front yard was getting tall.  Told Gary on the way home I wanted to quilt this afternoon.  Yea, right.  The  check engine light came on in the SUV so Toyota here we come.  Ended up tires needed to be rotated.  Evening has come and I am going to start sandwiching a lap quilt.

IMG_2396.JPGThis is the latest quilt.  It is a Robert Kauffman kit.  First time for a quilt and I really enjoyed it.  I am going to use the left over fabric to make a few pillows to match.

Alicia is still nursing “tennis elbow, and carpel tunnel” in her right arm from too much crocheting.  She is now moved to fabric and is making some coasters.  I am glad to see that she is beginning to enjoy sewing.  I will be anxious to see what she is making. I saw one last night and she seems to be doing a great job.  Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday I will have some pictures to show you.

I would like to ask everyone that reads this to be honest and let me know if I start rambling or get too boring.  I don’t want either and do so appreciate honesty.  I promise not to take it personally especially since I am asking.

One important thing to remember… “Never squat when wearing spurs.”  Just think about it.



Rain Rain go away

I would like to say thank you to Nero III for drawing One Creative Family in their giveaway.  We were awarded with a precious pink needle book.  I am so excited.  If you haven’t seen their blog  you have to check it out.  I have fallen in love with Nero.

I did find a new snack and got it today in a bigger bag as Hubby like it too.  It is “Skinny popcorn”  It is already popped and has no salt, or very little.  Only 35 calories per cup full.  Pretty good stuff.

I am getting ready to start on some table runners.  I will be spending time going thru books to see which ones I want to start on.  Since fall is creeping up on us I will be using the fall colors.  My favorite, vibrant golds, rust, orange.  Nothing like it.

It has been raining the last 2 days and if not raining then humid as can be.  I do feel for the people in the South East US who have been hit by floods.  So I will stop complaining.  Farmers in our area are very happy and hubby is too.  Grass is growing and still green (then he realizes he has to mow, not happy with that idea), all in all not a bad day.

Just remember:  Don’t sweat the small stuff…in the greater scheme of life it is all small stuff.