Rainy day in Missouri

More projects from One Creative Family. New pattern:   I have posted my newest pattern on Ravelry.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/wear-it-your-way.  Check it out!! Made by Alicia (Daughter) Needlepoint  28×24 inches made by Mary (Mother in law) Gary’s wood working (Hubby) James’ wood working (Son) My paper piecing quilt. Just a sample of why we are “One Creative Family”  There will be more at a later date from the Grand kids.  … Continue reading Rainy day in Missouri

Summertime Sandles

  Made by Alicia Aunt Lydia Bamboo Crochet Thread #3 and D hook. Stitches to know- SL ST= slip stitch                                                                       TBC=treble crochet SC =single crochet Beg V=Chain 4, DC in same space                                  V=DC, Ch1, DC same space *Vs are worked in the ch1 space throughout the pattern*   Row 1) Chain 20, join with a sl st into the first chain. This will be the … Continue reading Summertime Sandles


This morning I was checking Facebook and saw a post from one of my Daughters. During the storm last night the walnut tree by her driveway lost a large branch and her driveway was blocked.  Gary and I headed over with the trusty chainsaw, leaf bags, rakes, clippers and what ever we thought we needed.  After 3 hours, and 9 large leaf bags later all … Continue reading TGIF

Tues, Aug 23rd

I have my water and watermelon to snack on while visiting with all.  It is a cloudy day today (I hope it rains) and I have been going through the fabric taking stock of all my “treasures”.  As I look at this fabric I start thinking about what I want to make.  Today I will be working a few more totes . Gary has finished a few of his wood working projects for the Sept craft fair.  I love his work

The first picture are ribbon boxes out of walnut and maple, then the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Eagle in flight, Double Dragon clock.  The following is Psalm 23.DCP_1938



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Good morning, all.  Alicia and I were talking last night about today’s blog. We decided that this weeks question will be simple.  What do you like to snack on while you are working at your art?  I call it art, because no matter the medium, we all make some type of art.  If you prefer, craft, or hobby, then ok.  What do you keep for … Continue reading Monday