Scrappy Quilt

I have talking about trying a scrappy quilt and now I am making one. It isn’t for me, but for a friend of mine. It is turning out to be pretty good. I am trying not to plan each block, but it is what it is. After I make this one I will be making one for myself.

Some of the fabric was her mother’s and then the more colorful pieces we are just adding in. I have 1/3rd the blocks made for the top already made. It is going together pretty quickly and easily.

This past 8 or so days have just sped by leaving me to wonder where did it go. We had some snow on Friday. Destiny and I made a snowman, we aren’t very good at snowman making, but she did have fun.

Look closely to her left and you will see him. We did put a carrot for a nose, and pennies for eyes and mouth. Saturday when she looked out to make sure it was still there(not taken by Aliens) the nose was gone. Squirrels took it. Not sure what brought on the Alien bit, but she left candy outside incase they came by to visit. After she went to sleep I got the candy and brought it back in the house. She was excited the “Aliens” found the candy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay safe.

Think I am safer quilting and a little round

yuu have to come up. Tuesday we decided to walk a more flat area which is down one of the ways into the neighborhood. No sidewalks so as we were walking on the road when a car came we walked in the grass so not a problem. We had gone about a mile and this is when a car came towards us, we moved over and the car kept coming very close to us and when I moved over again I fell into a ditch. Took me a few minutes to pick myself up and we hobbled home. The ankle was swollen and very painful. Now we had joined 2 gyms, not one but 2 Tuesday morning. Our insurance pays for it so we joined the city gym and then Planet Fitness for when the city gym was full.

We had to get Granddaughter from school so we went from her school to the Emergency Room. While I was getting xrays Destiny kept Grandpa busy with “I spy” and little games on my phone. When I got back to the car she informed me not to worry she made sure Grandpa took his blood sugars and had dinner.

The outcome of the foot is I chipped a bone in the ankle. I have a splint and crutches. I see my Orthopedic tomorrow to see what he says.

Now I have done summersaults with granddaughter, jumped around like a kangaroo(she is 6 and I am 67) not a scratch. Just walking fall in a ditch and chip a bone.

Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping, screen and indoor

Seriously after the Orthopedic tomorrow we will know what I can do and can’t do. My older granddaughters have offered to come clean, cook, or do laundry for me because “Grandpa can’t”. I love those girls to the moon and back.

Have a great day and in the words of hubby “Be Careful”

Quilt finished

I got my Covid 19 quilt finally finished. I started it last April. I started on a Quilt along with a group from Italy and then life got in my way.

The lighthouse because I wanted something from home on it.

Then today worked some more on my Dear Jane got 6 blocks done. I thought I had 7 finished so I will have to look around and find that little stinker

Maybe before the year is up I will have these finished.

I hope you have a great Weekend.

Good Morning all, today we are staying in (the street in front of our house is a sheet of ice packed down) so I will be making a set of aprons then will be ready to sandwich and quilt my Covid Quilt. After that I am cleaning out the coat closet and gather all coats we don’t wear, hats, gloves, and scarves to pack up for donations.

Like many of you, we treat the first of January as a time to purge and start the year with a clean slate. So today will be a busy day in this house hold.

Everyone have a great day. Stay safe.

A Blanket of White

We woke up to 1/4inch of ice then the snow started. By 9am this is what the back yard looked like

Not bad, then came noon

Now 5 hours later here we are.

We got about 4 inches in our yard and now calling for it to ice up tonight. Glad we don’t have to get out. I did get some quilting done. Had to rebind a quilt for a granddaughter(her pet chewed on it) then finished my Covid 19 quilt top. I started it in May and finely got it ready to quilt. Will probably do that tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a good New Years Eve and wonderful day. Stay safe and healthy in the New Year.

Happy New Year

Victorian Antique Happy New Year Image Instant Download image 0

2020 has been such an up and down year, I have decided that no matter what happens I will find the positive and not react. That is my 2021 resolution. Since Christmas we have been very busy. Christmas Day we had the kids and some of the Grandkids over and then on Sunday the kids who had to work on Christmas came over. It was wonderful seeing them all. This was wonderful seeing all the kids and grandkids finally.

Monday night Destiny spent the night and on Tuesday we took her shopping for her Birthday gift. Tuesday she turned 6 and now she is “almost 7 you know”. She got a Barbie and the game Operation, then we went to Barnes and Nobles and “It is so AMMMMAZZZZZZZING to have so many books and not in a Library”. She picked out a few books and left walking on air. We did have her sit in a chair and try reading the books before she bought them. Surprised Grandpa she was past step 1 books. She has a wonderful teacher.

On Wed we spent at Appointments and now I am putting decorations away and finishing a few quilts. I would like to start 2021 with only 1 or 2 UFOs.

2021 will be a better year, or at least I am praying for a better year. I will continue to quilt and watch my friendly critters outside my sewing room.

Here is to everyone having a fun safe New Years(we are to get 5-9 inches of snow starting tonight). Looking forward to seeing all in 2021.

Last Quilt Finished and now wrapped

Am so excited that I have finished all 3 quilts. This is the last and this evening I will start the last of cookie baking. Next week will pies and cakes. Then let the hunger ring.

The funny part of this quilt is that I didn’t like the width of the quilt after getting borders on and had 10 extra blocks, but it took 7 blocks for each side. It was past midnight and I said what the heck and sewed blocks together, then cut them down the center and added 1/2 to each side. I kinda like the look of this and is a one of a kind. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening and stay safe and well.

WOW I Can’t Believe It Has Been So Long

I apologize for the long delay in writing anything. The last few weeks have been one disaster after another. Just seems like one thing gets accomplished and something else pops up. Finally decided it is all beyond me and what I can control is letting the disasters affect me. I am taking the control back.

We have cookies baked, just a few batches, Chocolate chip, Snickerdoodles, Thumbprints, Spritz, Oatmeal, then some peanutbutter fudge, regular fudge, and more in the future.

Packages mostly wrapped and under the tree, 2 quilts finished and the 3rd needing to be sandwiched and quilted. I will do that tomorrow. I still have a few more packages to wrap.

Here is what the living room looks like :

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20201213_125121-23649774237996955508.jpg

Sorry no pictures of the sewing room. I am too embarrassed for anyone to see it.

Here is to Wishing Everyone a very Blessed and Wonderful Hanukkah and days leading up to Christmas.

Wonderful Wednesday

Today is going to be a wonderful day. Why you ask? Last night finished 2nd quilt top and started on 3rd one. They will be done and under the tree soon. Today Hubby and I will stake stock on the gifts we have already bought for the family and see what we need to get to finish up. Then on to baking. Also we will be getting snow today. IF the weather people are right we should have an inch to an inch and half today. Just enough to look pretty. This is just enough to get into the Christmas Season.

Well have been up for a while, got laundry started and ready to start sewing on 3rd top.

Everyone stay safe and enjoy today.

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