A Week In Process

In the last few weeks we have been making gnomes, bowl cozies, and dolls for craft fairs. Hubby has been down stairs cutting Military Plaques out. Then our new “Hobby” Target Shooting. We joke that we see each other only for meals, but it got close to being like that, so we decided to do this together. It is a lot of fun, but gets a little expensive for ammo. We go out 1 or 2 times a week so that is good.

Today I will work on Gnomes a little more then start on a scrap quilt. This will be interesting to see how it turns out. I have a large basket full of scraps and will just start sewing and see where it goes. Hahaha maybe in the trash. Oh well.

Meet the new members to the Gnome Family.

KC Chief’s Gnome

Quick Trip(Convenience store here) Mascot

Chef Gnome, Santa and Ms. Clause, and Gerome Gnome.

Happy Labor Day

We are having a nice quiet day in our house. I took a very bad picture of the quilt. Usually I stand on a chair to take the picture, but with this on the foot I couldn’t.

That being said this is the best I could do for now. Wrinkles and all. Being on 1 foot has made some things very difficult. I have a renewed appreciation for those who have no choice.

Sawtooth Zig Zag#dreamyblue

#sewingwithjamie and tag&nbsp @jamiekalverstran This is ready with the label for the show.

Today I will be back in the sewing room looking to finish up projects. While trying to put about 70 pounds of fabric my sister sent me away I found a few UFOs, or WIPs. There are about 6 of them. I usually try and finish what I start but for these nope I didn’t do that.

Try and have a wonderful holiday.

Life is good

It is great when everything seems to fit together. After the first 2 weeks of falling off my scooter and bending the pin in the toe, I have gotten better at this silly thing and am navigating really well. I have finished the Sawtooth Zig Zag#dreamyblue quilt finished and all the quilts for our Guild registered. It seems so much is doing great. We have 212 quilts in the show, now the group of people working on hanging the quilts can line the quilts the way they want. Sept 16th will be here before I know it. I am excited to see all the quilts. So many talented people in our guild.

I was going to post a photo of my foot, but my hubby said it was too “gross” to post. So I will post a funny photo instead. I was trying to get my quilt from the living room to the sewing room while hubby was napping, so “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Hopefully in 2 weeks I will be able to walk again. Tomorrow I will take a photo of the quilt and will post it. I will be taking some photos of the quilt show and post those.

Like I said life is good. Have a very fun day

Today’s Catch Up

It has been a while since I’ve posted (20 days to be exact). I am putting the binding on my Saw Tooth Zig Zag#Dreamy Blue quilt and then a label on the back and it will be finished and ready for our Guild’s Quilt Show in Sept. I am looking forward to September. Our Quilt Show and the boot comes off.

The first of Aug I had foot surgery to replace a few joints and some other things to get rid of arthritis. It will improve walking by 75%. They are better at any percentage.


I know this boot weighs 10 lbs, but Gary put it on my kitchen scales and it is only 2lbs 10oz. Only 4 more months till it is off. I did figure out how to get to the sewing machine and sew using my left foot and keeping the right foot elevated.

Today Gary and I are celebrating our 50th Anniversary. I am so blessed to be able to celebrate with him, the kids and grand kids. Yesterday my 2 daughters and 1 of the daughter’s boyfriend, son and daughter in law, 3of 5 granddaughters with their other partners were over bringing dinner, cake and had a wonderful family celebration.

This has been our August, and I will be posting a little more often in the future. Have a wonderful day all.

Doing some handwork these days.

After several years of arthritic pain in the foot I decided it was time to do something about it. Now here I sit day 3 post surgery and for the next 2 months I will be on my little green scooter. I will need to figure out how to get around my sewing room to finish a quilt. I want to quilt my Sawtooth Zig Zag #dreamyblue quilt.

Surgery had one little glich in it. While replacing a joint in a toe Doc was putting a pin in it the toe shattered. Not good. It had to be built. Then Saturday evening my daughter came in to say there was an emergency next door and needed me so I hopped on my little green knee scooter, took off out the back door down the ramp across the front sidewalk. Then on into the yard and hit a mole hole and as hubby explained went head over appetite. Managed to get up into a sitting position without hurting my foot and walked on my butt to the steps then sat there for a while. Daughter went next door to help out and all worked well except my pride and knee.

Two days later I am just laying around with the foot up and will go back on Wed for a bandage change. When I posted on Facebook they wouldn’t let me post the photo of the foot saying it was too graphic.

Wed I will be at the sewing machine again. I hope so. It will take a learning curve. Have a great day and find something to laugh at.

Sawtooth Zig Zag #dreamyblue

I wanted to take it outside to photo, but ground too wet so I moved things around in the livingroom and here it is. #sewingwithjamie and tag&nbsp @jamiekalvestran

Tonight I will press it and tomorrow night I will sandwich it and hopefully get it quilted next week. Then it will be ready for the Quilt Show on the 17th of September.This is the first quilt show we have had since 2019. So we are all excited to be planning on it. Can’t wait.

A few days ago I HAD to go to my local quilt shop( you know that I absolutely HAD) and while there I picked up the All Missouri Shop Hop magazine. I will be reading and planning on all the places I want to check out. I want to pick up the Kansas Shop Hop magazine so I can maybe hit some of those. Have you picked up your magazines yet? You going to shop in your state?

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.

More of #Dreamy Blue

Hello in the world of heat. Today it is already in the 80’s and gonna keep going up. We got out early this morning to get groceries and then it is on to quilting. Did go to the farmer’s market this morning and got some fresh veggies. Now it is time to work on the quilt for a while today.

This has been a lot of fun seeing how things turn out. Again the pattern was designed by #sewwithjamie and tag$nbsp; @jamiekalvestran Jamie has a facebook page, if you are interested check it out.

This afternoon, no quilting, but baking for our son and daughter in law tonight. Take care and stay safe.

Row 2 of 9

Happy to post the 2nd row of my Sawtooth Zig-Zag, I will be sewing it together and then work on Row 3 this afternoon. This is going together really fast and so much fun.

For more on the designer of this quilt check out https://www.jamiekalvestrandesign.com/ . #sewingwithjamie and tag @jamiekalvestran

Get read to check into the next installment.

Progress on Sawtooth Zig-Zag

It has been almost a week and lots have happened. I found out that pretty soon I will have to joint replacements in 3 toes, 1 hammer toe fixed, and a bunion removed. I have a nice little cart as I will be off my foot for 2 months. That is the worst news and now for FUN news. I have to add 1 block then row 1 will be finished. I have all the pieces cut and sewed together and now just assembling it.

This will be a queen size and actually 2 blocks to the end of the row. I had planned on sewing tonight, but we will be having company so I will be fixing dinner and visiting.

I am excited to get the row on so stay tuned for #dreamyblues Sawtooth Zig-zag from Jamie Kalvestran #sewingwithjamie and tag @jamiekalvestran: Hubby has already decided to keep this one. We will have to see. Making quilts are like having children, hard to let go of.

Have a great day all. Thank you all for stopping in.

A Month has come and gone

I have finally gotten thru 3 craft fairs 2 of which were in 100 degree weather. The last one was only high 80’s and was great compared to the others. What to do now? Well I will tell you. I am testing a quilt pattern for Jamie Kalvestran Design. The name of the pattern was Sawtooth Zig Zag. I will be posting as I go. I need to make quilts for the granddaughters for Christmas. This will be one of them.

These are the colors I have chosen:

What do you think? I am excited to start. That will be tonight. #sewingwithjamie and tag  @jamiekalvestran

When does something fun turn not fun?

This is something I have been asking myself for a few weeks now. I love quilting as much as I love making sweets. Last week was our first Craft Fair of the year and boy I was ready. I made 50 lbs of peanut brittle, pecan brittle, jalapeno peanut, and jalapeno pecan brittle. I had all my other items. In the hours from 9am to 4pm I sold out of all brittle. The next sale is June 18 and am working on 90 pounds of mixed brittle. Each batch takes about an hour and it makes 1.5 pounds. I am spending 4 hours every day to get these done.. Nuff grumping. The fairs are so much fun. I love visiting with everyone coming into the booth. The 7 yr old granddaughter wanted to help and I told her she would get paid for working but I would not be buying things for her and she had to keep the complaining to herself. She did great and wants to do it again. She sold some of my Gnomes without even trying.

She named each one of those. A lady was interested in purchasing a set of the larger Gnomes and I told her (red plaid) they were Jerome and Simone. Destiny piped up saying they were not Jerome and Simone. Jerome (yellow plaid) Jerome was at home waiting for me to make Simone. That was Myra and Ira. The lady said she had to buy them because the story was too funny. She was just being her. A day full of fun.

We sold all the gnomes so I better get my fanny in gear and get some more made. I will have most of the sewing done for some tomorrow when Destiny comes over she can help with the beards, and accessories. It is summertime so you gotta have sunglasses and pool fun items.

As of tonight 1/3 the brittle done. I got this. Yes, I will be working on the REAL Simone tonight while watching TV. Everyone have a great day.

As of now I am looking for the wonderful inspirations.

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