A Week In Process

In the last few weeks we have been making gnomes, bowl cozies, and dolls for craft fairs. Hubby has been down stairs cutting Military Plaques out. Then our new “Hobby” Target Shooting. We joke that we see each other only for meals, but it got close to being like that, so we decided to do this together. It is a lot of fun, but gets a little expensive for ammo. We go out 1 or 2 times a week so that is good.

Today I will work on Gnomes a little more then start on a scrap quilt. This will be interesting to see how it turns out. I have a large basket full of scraps and will just start sewing and see where it goes. Hahaha maybe in the trash. Oh well.

Meet the new members to the Gnome Family.

KC Chief’s Gnome

Quick Trip(Convenience store here) Mascot

Chef Gnome, Santa and Ms. Clause, and Gerome Gnome.

Snow Quilt Snow

Woke up to snow outside. Getting more snow, so quilting today and working on a puzzle with Hubby. For Christmas our oldest daughter got us a Mystery Puzzle. There is a booklet with a story with hints as to who done it. You put the puzzle together without a picture of what it is to put all the hints together and solve the mystery. This one is Murder By The Pyramids. So much fun.

This morning I woke up to this outside.

This means I am not going anywhere, so I will be working on my quilt. I love the colors and it is going together really well.

I love this. Hoping that a name for this will come to mind as I sew, but we will see as I go. I think next time I would cut the strips 2.5 or even 3 inches wide instead of 2. Makes the blocks bigger. This one finished 8.5 inches. This needs lots of blocks. Oh well.

Can’t wait to get to sewing so have a wonderful day. I sure am.

Looking Forward to a Better 2022

Finally our own little world is starting to get some kind of normal. The last 2 months has been a roller coaster. Thanksgiving went to Texas to visit family and Hubby got sick. He started a new medication and had a reaction to it. He gets his diabetic medicines from the VA. His Dr prescribed a very low dose and the VA sent it out saying to take a higher dose. We had to wait for 6 months before the VA okayed the drug. He couldn’t eat and after 3 days we decided to head home where his Doctors were, rather than Doctors we never met. Drove home 18 hours and 4 hours later we were in ICU. He had gone into DKA(Diabetic Ketoacidosis). He was unconscious for a week. Then a week of just being weak. Youngest Granddaughter’s other grandparent’s got Covid and we had her for 2 weeks then we had Christmas.

This year I have started Christmas shopping already for 2022. This year is no procrastinating. You never know what tomorrow brings.

Today we went to my favorite fabric shop today and got fabric for a quilt.

Then I got started cutting it up and had to laugh to myself. I am spending money on something to cut up work on for days and longer to just put back together. But oh what fun and cheaper than a Therapist.

Got 1/2 the blocks made and ready for the next group of them.

I saw the quilt on facebook and thought I can do this and so here goes I will post a phot once I get them all together.

This post has taken me 2 1/2 weeks to write this post as life has had so many ups and downs. I am so thankful that even tho life has thrown some low downs and up highs the last 2 months, we are here to talk about it and laugh and cry and hug each other. Don’t take 1 moment for granted.

Just a few more gifts to make

?I am working on just a few little gifts for the granddaughters. I want to make a few special gifts for the girls. They are all on their own and I think a few special things for them to start their own homes.

Our November craft fair was good. There were over 100 vendors and 4 floors of crafters. Now to get focused on Christmas baking. I am usually finished by now, but I haven’t started. This is going to be a wild few weeks, but it will be great. I will make cookies, breads, candy, cakes and pies. What do you do to celebrate Christmas? Our dinner will be a big Mexican/American dinner. Mexican dinner and desserts both Mexican and American.

I love all the different traditions that come with celebrations. What are your traditions that you enjoy the best

Spiders spiders and more spiders

Still getting ready for some craft fairs this month. Finishing up and we are making Christmas spiders. They are cute and the story makes them even better. Here are the last 2 I made yesterday.

Now here is the story.

Legend of the Christmas Spider - For anyone who has seen my red spider  hanging above my kitchen sink, this i… | Christmas spider, Christmas poems,  A christmas story

I know there are several different versions, but this is the one given to me.

As I start boxing things up to pack in the car for the sale I start thinking about what all I needed to take. Mind is going crazy and then The sale is over Sat night and on Monday we are leaving for Texas for a week of family therapy. I can’t wait.

Sorry so short but got someone at the door. Take care.

Non sewing day

Today is a non sewing day, due to Babysitting Granddaughter. She really isn’t sick, she did not sleep well and was up most the night. Sunday she got a piece of glitter under her eye and mom was trying to rub it off and it left a red spot that has turned into a red spot. The teacher told her is she still had it today she would send her to the nurse to see if it was a ringworm. That scared her and gave her nightmares(a 6 yr old’s imagination). Today I will be taking her to the Dr for a note saying what it is and if need be give her meds.

If I can get her to take a nap I will try and get to the sewing room. Maybe a good book instead.

Today is a chilly morning starting out as 48 degrees and not getting over 60. What are you doing today? Enjoy whatever you do.

Craft Fair last week

We finally had our first Craft Fair of the year( or I should say last 2 yrs) It was so much fun. The day had chill to it, but was sunny and people were so friendly. I love to visit with them and see everyone’s crafts. The only negative of the day was no one bought any of my Gnomes. Maybe the reason was the booth next to ours was The Gnome Home. Her selection was really nice. Here is a peek at what we had in our booth.

We did make a profit and since I didn’t sell everything that means not having to make too much for next month.

Fall has set into Missouri, the nights are cool (almost cold 40’s) and the days 50-60. I love this time of the year. Makes me want to bake and make some jelly.

Well have a good day

Life slow down please

The last few weeks have passed in a blurrrrrrr. Mostly Dr appointments for Hubby and 1 for me. All is well and after tomorrow hopefully he will have 20/20 vision. Cataract surgery. I have made over 15 Gnomes and now back to making more as I have sold 6 already. Today I took a little break and walked Granddaughter to school. My daughter, Mary, Destiny, and I walked downhill 3/4 mile to school then Mary and I walked up hill home. (Sounds like stories my dad would tell about walking to school 3 miles up hill in the snow BOTH WAYS. He grew up in South East Texas no snow, NO hills) It was “WALK YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL DAY” The high school Cheerleaders, Drum Corp KC Wolf (radio station mascot). The Police blocked off the entrance to the Neighborhood and lead the procession. Was a great way to start the day.

Today was a fun day.

Celebrating the starting of the Santa Fe, California, Oregon Wagon Trains

Independence, Missouri has been celebrating the beginning of the Santa Fe, California, Oregon Wagon Trains. This is where the people would gather to meet up with the Wagon Trains to go West. The celebration starts on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend and ends on Monday evening. There are craft booths, LOTS of Food vendors, All kinds of carnival games, and rides. One section of Independence Square is blocked off and is set up as it was in 1824. Enjoy a few photos that I managed to take.

This couple would talk to you as they did in that time. It threw us for a few moments then caught on.

This last photo shows the difference and changes in time.

Have a great day and stay well

A Rainy Day

Today is one of those rainy days that all you want to do is curl up with a good book, some chocolate candy and listen to it rain. I love those days. I think today instead of reading (my 2nd favorite thing to do) I will do some baking. Bread and cookies. We are meeting friends for dinner then here for dessert. I love the smell of baking, I also love eating hot chocolate chip cookies, bread and jelly. YUMMMMMMMMMm. Today will be one of those days so get your smellers geared up.

I bake and freeze what I make. This comes in handy when people pop in. This happened last night when daughter and granddaughter stopped by. We hadn’t seen Emily for quite a while and was good to see her. She is a CNA at one of the local hospitals and is working 4 plus days a week. This Covid stuff is keeping the hospital’s hopping. I sent her home with a scrub cap I made for her, some candy, and other goodies.

I know I have a quilt that needs to be finished by today I’m just not wanting to sew. If I do I know I will be spending more time ripping out. Will try again tomorrow. Today is baking. The more I think about it the more hot cookies sound good. , Well kitchen is call me. Have a great day doing something fun.

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