Flamingo is Done

Just finished the quilting on the One Block Wonder Flamingo quilt. I think it turned out better than I thought it would. I have grown to like it.

Border is next and then done.

I purchased some quilting rulers and used one for most of the quilting and I really enjoyed it. What I didn’t like as much was the invisible thread. I kept losing the end until I started taping it to the quilt top so I could find it to snip it.

Today I am enjoying the sunshine. It is in the low 30’s and feels like summertime after 2 days of ice and rain. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and doing something fun.

A little Crochet


This wonderful head wrap is brought to you by Alicia. We hope you enjoy making it.

Stitches to know-

Hdc-half double crochet 

FPDC-front post double crochet  

BPDC-back post double crochet

LHdc-Long half double crochet

I used Red Hart WW yarn with an I hook

Ch 60 and join

Row 1) Turn chain slightly so the “bump” of the chain is showing ontop, ch1, Hdc in each bump of the chain.  Do not join.  (see photo below)

When you get to the top of the hdc, you will turn it toward you 180 degrees so the first hdc is upside-down and work hdc in each chain on the reverse side.  (This will put the natural twist in the headwrap).

Row 2) Ch 2, FPDC (YO, insert hook in on right side of previous hdc around to the left side of hdc -your hook should be “behind” the hdc stitch- YO, pull through 2 loops, YO pull through last 2 loops).  FPDC around each hdc until you reach the ch2, then join.

Row 3) Turn work, ch2, Lhdc (YO, insert hook in top of previous hdc, YO and pull through all 3 loops).  Lhdc in each stitch around and join beg ch 2.

Row 4-7) repeat rows 2 & 3.

I do give permission make and sell what you make as long as you give me credit for the pattern.  Thank you, Alicia.


CRAZY Monday

Ever have one of those days where you think,”What the world were you thinking?” Today is that day. This morning the fog was so bad you couldn’t see 2 houses down the street, and cars driving down the highway without lights. It was 6:30am ?????????

Walked into the Post Office with a package and a lady customer asks, “Are you mailing that box”??????????Really???????

Then driving into our subdivision a truck lost control, took out a fence, and missed a house by a few feet. We had about 1/2 inch of ice and then 4 inches of snow over the weekend and things are slick and slushy. To drive down the main road in the subdivision it is down hill, and curves. On a good summer day I’ve seen cars driving too fast lose control. I am guessing the driver was not going the 25 mph. We’ve had issues with cars speeding thru. Really??????????? Drive weather conditions be careful.

Now sitting here looking out the window an SUV tried to stop in front of our house and ended up stopping facing sideways next door. I am going to stay home

My goal for this week is to finish the flamingo quilt. I got the top completed last night and so the quilting is next. I have been asked to make a wall hanging for the school I worked at in memory of one of the teacher who lost her battle to cancer. I am in the drawing stage of this and hope to have something final to start on by the weekend.

This is a follow up on my last post. I made a bag for my quilting rulers. I like making something out of my first attempts and then later remake the item to see if and where I’ve improved or have made some bad choices.

Front side,

Back side


Thank you for visiting and Be Careful out there. It IS CRAZY MONDAY.

Snow day and Quilting

Woke up to ice all over, then came the snow. We didn’t get as much snow as was called for, but has made the roads slick.

This is looking outside my sewing room window.

Yesterday I purchased a set of quilting rulers and so far I love them. These are the first attempts at using 2 of the rulers.

The straight line ruler and hear ruler is my biggest challenge, but I will get it sooner or later.

What else is there to do on a snowy day? I will just keep trying and see where it takes me.

A Little Snow AND A Little Frustration

Was working on a small quilt and getting to the part of almost finished and noticed some how there is GREASE on the top. I treated it, washed it, and it is still there so I guess I will try and save what I can and remake it. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

This weekend Mother Nature will be very busy. Today is a rainy day turning into ice and The only thing that will get me out is if my sewing machine repair company calls that the machine is ready.

On the happy side I purchased a quilting set of rulers. After remaking this top I will then make myself a sample quilt sandwich and practice with it. I am hoping that my Sewing Machine Co hurries and has classes using the rulers. I do want to take it. Do you use rulers? Any advice for the best way to use them? Hints?

I will be sharing my journey with learning the rulers as I go.

A little snippet of what to come…..Alicia has just written a pattern for a slouch hat. In the coming future she will need some testers and readers for her pattern. This is my hat and the color of it is called “Jasper”. This is the perfect color for me as the name is special, it is my Daddy’s name. We lost him several years ago, but this hat makes me smile. Thank you Alicia.

You have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and if you are in the line for this winter weather stock up and be safe.

2020 in Review

Thought today I would look at One Creative Family in Review. 2019 passed quickly and we enjoyed it so much. First let me re introduce the family since you probably don’t know anyone other than me(I am retired and have “more free time”) and enjoy talking so I got this wonderful job.

Gross Family +2

This was taken at our son and daughter in law’s home a year ago Thanksgiving. So I will introduce you to us.

Alicia is our crochet know all. She writes patterns, and is usually known to have a crochet hook in her hand.

Mary is our resident “oil guru” someone sneezes she is around with what oils we need in our diffusers. She is the maker of soaps and bath salts and so on. Should you have questions she is the one to ask.

Ashley married our son Jim and she is the Cricket Wizzard. She makes all the signs and and the Master of Scentsy. She brought the good smells to out booths when we are out at the fairs. Jim along with his dad does the wood working we have.

Then there is Gary and I. Gary along with Jim does the wood work we have and I play with anything fabric. Quilts, kitchen items, like I said anything fabric.

We can’t leave out the next generations of makers.

Katelin, top left is the maker of all resin art, Cc, top right is our Photographer and maker Alexis, middle left, paintings, Emily, middle right, maker of jewelry, and resident CA. Bottom is Destiny, Grandma’s helper.

My goal for 2020 is for you to start hearing from the other parts of this family along with me. We are just out to have lots of fun and make.

A New Year is Here

The start to 2020 has been questionable with colds, flues, and yuck, BUT today seems like it will be a wonderful year. I don’t make resolutions, because I don’t keep them long. This year I am trying something new. A yearly Mantra. BE MORE MINDFUL. In all I do and say will be more mindful. So with this decision I sit and look at this One Block Wonder flamingo quilt and am VERY mindful that no matter how pretty these are they are not for me. I love the look of these quilts, but they are trying my patience something terrible. Once I finish this I am not sure that I will be making another.

I will be finishing this top today and then will figure out what to do with the quilting and so on.

I am also starting to make some mini quilts. I have decided to make some mini quilts. What are you doing this week? Any resolutions for the year? Do you make them?

Have a wonderful Monday.

A little Christmas music and lights to make your day.

I was trying to think of something fun and new to write about and my brain was on making Christmas Decorations for Craft sales. Then I saw flashes of light and got an idea. The Chris Gant Family, in our Neighborhood has been working on their lights for almost a year. He has spent a lot of time designing and started before Halloween putting the display up. As I drove by his house when leaving our subdivision, seeing the progress has been great. I am amazed at the talent and energy Chris has. I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us next year. Here is his site. https://www.facebook.com/411161705684106/videos/621986661874833 I think you will need to copy and paste

Image may contain: night and outdoor

This is timed with music and is worth the watch.

Enjoy a little Post Christmas Cheer. I wish I would have thought to post this earlier.

With Christmas a few days ago and the New Year looming days away, I keep thinking of what my New Year’s resolution would be. Last year I had a list of what I wanted to do and kept it where I would see it daily. I marked things off when I did it and it was great. I am going to do this again this year. Lately I seem to put things off and then at the last minute rush around to get them done. As we get closer to January 1 I will post my list. Do you have New Year Resolutions?

Next on the to do of today is to work on my beach wall hanging, and try and get a few hours of my One Block Wonder Quilt layout. Here are the 2 layouts right now.

Choice 1
Choice 2

Hopefully tomorrow I will have choice 3 and then will be able to decide on one.

How are you finishing up 2019? Anything fun?

Dec 26

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a wonderful day. I know our home was filled with love and laughter. We had everyone over had dinner, and opened gifts. The biggest hit by all the females in the family were the “Warmies” These are stuffed animals filled with lavender and flax seed. You can place these in the microwave and they become heating pads. The men got “Bed Buddies” these are 9×18 in bags filled with rice and lavender that can be heating bags or cold packs.

View a larger version of this product image

This is what one of them looked like. I purchased mine of Amazon, but I hear they are available at other stores.

The funniest gift was received by granddaughter Destiny. Everyone gets a little cash and Destiny being only 4 got $8(I miss counted thought it was 10). These were all in ones. She went around to each person there (15) shoving the money in their faces yelling “I got $8.”

Once everyone left Hubby and I cleaned the dishes and crashed. Today I will be hitting a few sales and then spend the rest of the day sewing.

How was your Christmas? I love this time of the year. Everyone seems to get along so much more so. I do hope that 2020 brings everything you are wanting it to.

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