Organization Day Today?

These last few months I have felt like a Hamster running in a wheel. Going, going, and still in the same place. The last few weeks I have been doing some soul searching on why it is that I am doing so much in a day and not getting anything accomplished. I decided that I need to get back into my organized days. I have taken on the roll of President of our quilt guild and with that and then the quilt show and the drama had my mind spinning. Now things are started leveling out.

We have our final Craft Fair the 18th of November and then getting ready for Christmas. With that said I am working on Gnomes and Brittle candy.

Today will be a day of no Gnomes because I need to clean my sewing room. It is an obstacle course and it needs to be organized and purged some of the stuff. Or atleast my 7yr old granddaughter tells me.

Starting to decorate for the fall season and a little for Halloween. I love sitting outside and hand out candy to the trick or treaters. By 9pm I just leave the candy outside for the older kids. I hope it will be gone by morning. We don’t need it.

I love seeing the fall colors and the trees are beautiful.

Nothing beats God’s work.

Have a great day and enjoy it.


A Week In Process

In the last few weeks we have been making gnomes, bowl cozies, and dolls for craft fairs. Hubby has been down stairs cutting Military Plaques out. Then our new “Hobby” Target Shooting. We joke that we see each other only for meals, but it got close to being like that, so we decided to do this together. It is a lot of fun, but gets a little expensive for ammo. We go out 1 or 2 times a week so that is good.

Today I will work on Gnomes a little more then start on a scrap quilt. This will be interesting to see how it turns out. I have a large basket full of scraps and will just start sewing and see where it goes. Hahaha maybe in the trash. Oh well.

Meet the new members to the Gnome Family.

KC Chief’s Gnome

Quick Trip(Convenience store here) Mascot

Chef Gnome, Santa and Ms. Clause, and Gerome Gnome.

Spring is here.

As I look outside my window I see green grass mostly deep and lush, but it is 39 degrees outside. So today will find me making peanut brittle, and doing some sewing. Today no quilt, but some summer clothes for Granddaughter and myself. I realized the most colors in my closet are dark colors. Hubby told me to go shopping, but I think about spending that amount in fabric for quilts and crsfts. My sister decided she was done sewing and sent me 2 boxes of fabrics. They weighed about 35 pounds each of the most beautiful clothing fabrics.

I want to spend someti.e outside so hopefully the day will warm up some. Then I will be able to get outside.

Have a wonderful day

What’s new?

I have been making quilts for a friend out of fabric for her and her siblings. The fabric was made out of her father’s clothes.

After getting these made I was taking somethind downstairs, tripped over my own feet and took the last 4 steps on my back side, then bonked my head on the concrete floor. When people say they saw stars, that is no lie. This is going on 4 weeks still have a knot on the head. When reading or sewing very much I will get a headache. We went to the ER and when the nurses asked I replied”Tripped over my own feet and fell down the stairs.” She looked at the hubby and asked quietly “Are you safe in your home?” I responded from everyone except myself. I know they have to and if anyone knew my husband they would laugh.

With this happening things are slow going and I started making 3 Christmas Tree wall hangings. They are all hand appliqued(I have struggled with this and get frustrated and put it away). After talking to a friend and watched some Youtube videos I am enjoying this process.

Sorry you have to lay down to look at thesee pictures.

I am glad I decided to give this another try. I will let you know how this turns out.

Have a great day and try something new

Beautiful day out today

We had a beautiful day today. It was sunny and in the 60’s today, so hubby and I spent the day out goofing off. Then I got my seeds out to start some early starts for my Mom Flowers and Hollyhocks. Tomorrow I will report some indoor plants and plant the seeds to hopefully have some of these flower in the Spring to plant. This is my moon flower from last year.

These bloom at night and close when the sun hits it. I also hope to get some Jasmine this year.

I hope you were able to have a good day

It has been a while

Looking back on my posts show me how out of kilter things have become around here. But I am back and I hope with a vingence. It has taken a while, but have found out at the ripe old age of 69 I am having a reaction to penecillin. Crazy how things change every day. Been fighting one infection after another and rashes, and itching for over a month. Now with a little rash and no infections life is good. I finally got my sewing room some what cleaned and several projects in the making.

I am currently working on Memory Quilts for a friend of mine who have lost her father.

This also includes some of her mother’s clothes.

Alicia (my oldest) has been learning to knit socks and doing pretty good job of it.

Today she is coming over so we can make bags of somekind. This will be fun to do together.

I pray everyone has a wonderful day and remember not to let things not in your control get you down.

Poker Anyone?

A friend of my sister’s sent me some fabric and wanted a quilt. Outside the fabric he didn’t have a clue as to what he wanted? The fabrics he sent were so busy and after thinking about it for a few months during Thanksgiving, and Christmas here it is minus the border.

The last row is the same as the top. Today will be borders and sandwich it. My goal is to get it in the mail Tuesday. Then on to the next project. I was planning on testing a pattern, but with sickness and holidays I’m not sure she still needs me to. I will be emailing her about that. I really liked it. It seems like life has been real busy these days, I guess that is better than being bored.

Guess this border isn’t getting done with me sitting her typing away. Hope today everyone has a great day.

Happy New Year

I hope 2023 brings you so much happiness. I am starting 2023 making a quilt for a friend of my sister’s. We finished up 2022 doing well. Christmas we saw all the grandchildren and their other halves. It was a fun day and the perfect way to end a year.

In 2023 I kept busy making peanut brittles for fairs and friends. The Craft Fairs were fun and we are looking forward to doing many more.

I am also keeping busy with our Quilt Guild. I accepting the job of President. Doing so has kept me busy and is so much fun. I have been working with so many passionate l people and it is wonderful.

I came across a saying “365 New Days 365 New Chances” This is so true so this year make 365 wonderful memories

Happy Labor Day

We are having a nice quiet day in our house. I took a very bad picture of the quilt. Usually I stand on a chair to take the picture, but with this on the foot I couldn’t.

That being said this is the best I could do for now. Wrinkles and all. Being on 1 foot has made some things very difficult. I have a renewed appreciation for those who have no choice.

Sawtooth Zig Zag#dreamyblue

#sewingwithjamie and tag&nbsp @jamiekalverstran This is ready with the label for the show.

Today I will be back in the sewing room looking to finish up projects. While trying to put about 70 pounds of fabric my sister sent me away I found a few UFOs, or WIPs. There are about 6 of them. I usually try and finish what I start but for these nope I didn’t do that.

Try and have a wonderful holiday.

Life is good

It is great when everything seems to fit together. After the first 2 weeks of falling off my scooter and bending the pin in the toe, I have gotten better at this silly thing and am navigating really well. I have finished the Sawtooth Zig Zag#dreamyblue quilt finished and all the quilts for our Guild registered. It seems so much is doing great. We have 212 quilts in the show, now the group of people working on hanging the quilts can line the quilts the way they want. Sept 16th will be here before I know it. I am excited to see all the quilts. So many talented people in our guild.

I was going to post a photo of my foot, but my hubby said it was too “gross” to post. So I will post a funny photo instead. I was trying to get my quilt from the living room to the sewing room while hubby was napping, so “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Hopefully in 2 weeks I will be able to walk again. Tomorrow I will take a photo of the quilt and will post it. I will be taking some photos of the quilt show and post those.

Like I said life is good. Have a very fun day

Today’s Catch Up

It has been a while since I’ve posted (20 days to be exact). I am putting the binding on my Saw Tooth Zig Zag#Dreamy Blue quilt and then a label on the back and it will be finished and ready for our Guild’s Quilt Show in Sept. I am looking forward to September. Our Quilt Show and the boot comes off.

The first of Aug I had foot surgery to replace a few joints and some other things to get rid of arthritis. It will improve walking by 75%. They are better at any percentage.


I know this boot weighs 10 lbs, but Gary put it on my kitchen scales and it is only 2lbs 10oz. Only 4 more months till it is off. I did figure out how to get to the sewing machine and sew using my left foot and keeping the right foot elevated.

Today Gary and I are celebrating our 50th Anniversary. I am so blessed to be able to celebrate with him, the kids and grand kids. Yesterday my 2 daughters and 1 of the daughter’s boyfriend, son and daughter in law, 3of 5 granddaughters with their other partners were over bringing dinner, cake and had a wonderful family celebration.

This has been our August, and I will be posting a little more often in the future. Have a wonderful day all.

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