A Week In Process

In the last few weeks we have been making gnomes, bowl cozies, and dolls for craft fairs. Hubby has been down stairs cutting Military Plaques out. Then our new “Hobby” Target Shooting. We joke that we see each other only for meals, but it got close to being like that, so we decided to do this together. It is a lot of fun, but gets a little expensive for ammo. We go out 1 or 2 times a week so that is good.

Today I will work on Gnomes a little more then start on a scrap quilt. This will be interesting to see how it turns out. I have a large basket full of scraps and will just start sewing and see where it goes. Hahaha maybe in the trash. Oh well.

Meet the new members to the Gnome Family.

KC Chief’s Gnome

Quick Trip(Convenience store here) Mascot

Chef Gnome, Santa and Ms. Clause, and Gerome Gnome.

When does something fun turn not fun?

This is something I have been asking myself for a few weeks now. I love quilting as much as I love making sweets. Last week was our first Craft Fair of the year and boy I was ready. I made 50 lbs of peanut brittle, pecan brittle, jalapeno peanut, and jalapeno pecan brittle. I had all my other items. In the hours from 9am to 4pm I sold out of all brittle. The next sale is June 18 and am working on 90 pounds of mixed brittle. Each batch takes about an hour and it makes 1.5 pounds. I am spending 4 hours every day to get these done.. Nuff grumping. The fairs are so much fun. I love visiting with everyone coming into the booth. The 7 yr old granddaughter wanted to help and I told her she would get paid for working but I would not be buying things for her and she had to keep the complaining to herself. She did great and wants to do it again. She sold some of my Gnomes without even trying.

She named each one of those. A lady was interested in purchasing a set of the larger Gnomes and I told her (red plaid) they were Jerome and Simone. Destiny piped up saying they were not Jerome and Simone. Jerome (yellow plaid) Jerome was at home waiting for me to make Simone. That was Myra and Ira. The lady said she had to buy them because the story was too funny. She was just being her. A day full of fun.

We sold all the gnomes so I better get my fanny in gear and get some more made. I will have most of the sewing done for some tomorrow when Destiny comes over she can help with the beards, and accessories. It is summertime so you gotta have sunglasses and pool fun items.

As of tonight 1/3 the brittle done. I got this. Yes, I will be working on the REAL Simone tonight while watching TV. Everyone have a great day.

As of now I am looking for the wonderful inspirations.

Learning to live without Covid

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been struggling to get back to “Normal” I am someone who learned at an early age to be successful in chiaos. In the past 2 years of Covid, the shutdown, life slowed way down and the chiaos of everyday living ceased to exist. Now all has sprung back to life I am finding myself not as organized as I used to be. Not getting as much accomplished as I used to, nor the desire to do so. In other words I have gotten lazy and am struggling to break that habit. Any suggestions? I am making my list and that seems to be the best way of things done, but I can ignore those lists. As you can tell about my lack of posts.

Saturday is our first craft fair and we are in the making mode and I have gotten so much made.

Creativity brings joy

Sewing fun

Between everyday life with ups and downs, I have been in the sewing room thinking. Our quilt guild is having a row by row with in the guild. We broke up into groups of 6 and as a group choose theme, and each had to design a block. The dimensions of the block I chose was 5.5×28.8 inches. I had seen this done before so I started drawing out what I wanted so here it is. I am going to add a little bling to it.

The wings are a little on the 3D side. Photo doesn’t do justice.

Today it is raining and so I am trying to get more motivated to do something new. Craft fairs are starting in about 4 weeks and as usual I am making candy all morning and bowl cozies and things to sell in the afternoons UNLESS we have errands to do and then we play hookey from making.

I hope everyone is taking time and just play. Think that will be later today

April what a fun month

With the weather saying Spring has finally sprung I am getting more and more organized to get the most done. I get up Monday thru Friday get granddaughter off to school, then home to make 2 batches of peanut brittle(each takes about 45 min to an hour), then off to the sewing room. My brain starts running faster than I can keep up with it, so I have a notebook and make my lists. From those lists my planner is filled with things to do daily. With that said I did leave one little thing out of the schedule…..yes you are right this BLOG! I feel like Charlie Brown…. Aaarg!

For Easter Destiny and I made 36 fabric eggs to hide. We did twice. She knew I wasn’t the Easter Bunny because she came to her house and didn’t need to come to our house. We had a great time with most of the family. Grandkids didn’t all get to come, but we enjoyed the ones who were with us.

I know I have written about Jethro, our Granddog. Well last month he got a little brother. His brother is 1/2 Great Dane, and 1/2 English Mastiff. His name is Maverick. Maverick is about 4 months old and already is 30ish pounds. I will leave you with a picture of the two dogs playing in my living room. I hope everyone has a great day.

Spring is Here.

The sun is shinning and birds are singing here these days. It is great outside. I only hope it stays this way. The day started off in the low 30’s and will get to be nice and warm in the 70’s. With spring in the air it means Craft Fair season is upon us. I am trying to get ready for that. I have been looking for more ideas, but started on Peanut Brittle. Alicia has been experimenting with non-nut Brittle. She has used bacon and Edamame. They have turned out really good. Mary is turning tumblers with glitter and expoy. These will be new to the booth and not sure what else we will be making.

It seems as though our days are filled, but there doesn’t seem to have not so much to post about. I will try and have a little more to say.

With Spring here we will be visiting the Zoo more. That seems to be out go to. We enjoy it as much as the grand kids. We haven’t been able to spend much time there since Covid. The last time we went we took Destiny. She had a fun time feeding the animals.

Hope you have a great day out there

Spring Break

When I was working I would be spending my Spring Break doing anything I wanted to do after spring cleaning the house. Mother in law and I would take a day going to yarn shops and going to garage sales. Now jump ahead 7 years and I have retired and another granddaughter here is our Spring Break is filled with baking, making fabric Easter Eggs and indoor campouts.

Sorry floors aren’t very comfy for this grandma.

Today we’re making lemon and white chip cookies. Then going to an Estate sale. They are advertising craft items so maybe we will find something I don’t have, and can’t live without.

I hope everyone has a good day


Sea Glass is done

I finally finished the Sea Glass quilt and have been doing a happy dance.

This was a fun quilt and I have found out my son wants one this size, but more “Rustic” Once I figure this out I will start on one for them for Christmas. This week is catching up on some UFO’s. Last week I did some drawing for an applique I want to make in the future. Growing up we spent LOTS of weekends on my Aunt and Uncle’s Ranch. So I want to try and applique the house for the center of the quilt and then the different cattle brands the family is using now and over the years.

On a very sad note. My heart and prayers are with the people of Ukraine. I don’t like feeling so helpless.

Stay safe and enjoy your days

Beautiful Sunday

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Sun shinning in the upper 30’s, lots of things accomplished. Met our oldest Granddaughter’s future In Laws, who are sweet people. Who could ask for more? ME…….I have been asking my sewing machine why it doesn’t like the thread I want to use for the quilting on my Sea Glass quilt. As long as I quilt in 1 direction it looks beautiful, but change directions thread breaks. I’ve changed needles, tension, rethreaded, everything I can think of to no help. Just for the fun of it I have tried 3 other threads and it travels beautifully. I feel like Charlie Brown when Lucy keeps pulling the football away as he almost kicks it. I guess today I will head to the quilt shop and get some other thread and get to work, or just use one of the many I have in stock. If you have any ideas, please let me know. I know it is something I am doing wrong. What is your favorite thread and why?

Today is Valentine’s Day so I honestly hope everyone has a very blessed day.

Is it ever going to warm up?

5 degrees is what the day is starting out to be. You know sometimes cold is just cold and the temp doesn’t matter, well that is where I am today. Got the bird feeders filled and fresh fruit out for the Cardinals and Blue Jays and seed on the ground for the ground feeders. Peanut butter balls with dried fruit and birdseed, and nuts for the squirrels and any bird who wants it. By this afternoon we will look like the old Alfred Hitchcock movie “The Birds” The front and back yard were filled with them.

Finally got the Sea Glass quilt top finished and ready to quilt. I will be looking at it for a while to see how to quilt it,

This is on a Queen size bed and after trimming it measures 97×97″. I may not let this one leave the house.

Now to work on Princess Destiny’s dress. Will post a picture when finished.

Stay warm.

Snowy Day ahead

This morning I was awaken by the phone ringing. My 2nd child was calling and when she gets frustrated she yells. With this said she is yelling in my ear how she got stuck on her way to work because someone decided to turn around in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic and cars are trying to stop and not hit anyone. So I calmly talk to her and let her rant util she is able to get unstuck and be on her way to work. Last night we got some rain then snow on top of that, so very slick. Glad she made it ok, but so much for a sleep in day.

Got butter out of the freezer to thaw out and will get bread dough on to rise in a while and then some hot Chocolate Chip Cookies sound pretty good, doesn’t it?

:Outside my sewing room window at 7:30am. Yesterday I cooked a pot of beans and made some Chili. Will be great left over tonight.

Everyone stay warm and safe today.

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