Spring Time Fun

The last few weeks have been packed with so much going on. Our son called and told us he bought 1400 lbs of Pecan Mulch and needed help with it. His sisters and Gary and I went over and got it spread around his house( the front and one side). I was expecting mulch, and what he had was pecan shells. A friend of a friend makes pellets for a BBQ grill out of pecan meat and was selling the “mulch” for $30. Son thought it was a good deal and it was, but his motion detector camera goes off like crazy day and night with all the squirrels coming to visit. Guess maybe he is second guessing his good deal.

This week we had to replace our porch swing( it cracked) and so we put it by the sidewalk for the trash and someone came by and took it before the day was out. We got a cute Bistro Table and chairs for the front. The granddaughters loved eating out there Easter Sunday.

Gary and I went to the local Nursery to try and get some ideas for the front yard. I want to get rid of a Yucca that loves to collect leaves. This is what we are thinking of putting in it’s place.

Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar

This is a Weeping Blue Cedar. I fell in love with this tree.

We will see if we can do. Now to get back to sewing. I am making Memory Bears for a good friend.

Enjoy your days


Dragonflies All Around

last week did some alterations for a neighbor on her wedding dress and with this done I wanted to do something fun. Now we have dragonflies flying around the sewing room.

What I am most happy with is the center dragonfly. I dyed the fabric with alcohol ink. I will be making more of these.

Well back to the sewing machine. Oh I do have one question. I have sewed for people and charged for that and still do, but done quilting for other people I have put off giving them names of people. How do you figure how much to charge to quit a top for someone? Do they supply the batting

Sturday’s Stash

Saturday I was going thru my scrap stash to give away some and what I wanted to keep. At one point Granddaughter was grabbing and running off with some pieces. After I had divided what I had to seperate I walked into the living room to find someone busy at work.

We took the photos, printed one off and put the photo and pieces into a tote for the next time she comes over. We will start sewing together the strips. She wants to make her own quilt. We will see what she wants to do Tuesday afternoon.

Today’s plan today will be to go thru all the craft fair stuff and see what needs to be marked on sale and what else I need to work on so when the first of a very few craft fairs happen I will be ready. Then hopefully work on a new quilt. Time will tell.

Have a great day

Fun little things

For the last 2 weeks we have been in a sick house. Granddaughter had a “virus” and tested negative for covid, and then hubby got it. I have been cleaning with bleach, spraying Lysol and running RC essential oil thru the defuser. I decided I needed something Cherry for Easter. I found this pattern and said YES.

I have done some fusible applique3, but not so many small pieces. Yesterday I copied the pieces on to fusible and numbered both fusible and the pattern. Now I am ironing. I have more respect for all those who have hundreds and thousand pieces in one quilt.

As my life has been dull(I know it is dull when I got excited about spreading dirt around the patio. I will be getting outside this afternoon as it will be in the 70’s I want to get the backyard ready to plant some flowers. Spring fever is here.

I hope all stay safe and do something fun.

Spring around the corner

The last few weeks have been cold and snowy, but the last couple days says Spring is just around the corner. This morning I woke up to the birds singing and so I just layed and enjoyed their morning songs.

I have just finished my 3 scrappy quilt. I am hooked for sure. These are in the order I made them.

The same quilt only different colors and the scallops. The last 2 were made for a friend and her sister made from their mom’s clothes. The 2nd one had several different fabric types in it and took longer ue to the different fabrics some cut on bias and some knits. They were stretchy. But they were fun.

Now to figure out what the next quilt will look like. It will be for me. I have an old bushel basket full of scraps. I want to use them for something and not get rid of them.

Today we will have Granddaughter so very little sewing . Last weeks she had a viral infection that turned into a cold and was home from school for a week, Last week was a long week with her sick and then sewing when mom picked her up. We had her 3 days and thankfully the other grandparents had her the other 3 days. I will sped time getting ready for next quilt.

Hope you plan something fun. Stay safe.

Cold February

The last few days have been very cold here. The highest the temp the last few days has been 4 degrees with a wind chill of -20. We’ve had ice and snow so we decided to start feeding the birds. Let me tell you those little critters can eat. We went thru 40 lbs of seeds inside a week. Today we got some more for the next week, then the temps should be going up. This means I have spent a lot of time looking out my windows watching the birds and not sewing like I should be. Oh well.

May be an image of bird, snow, nature and tree
May be an image of bird and nature
May be an image of snow
May be an image of bird, nature and snow
May be an image of snow

These were taken last week. Today we counted 6 male and 6 female Cardinals, 4 Blue Jay’s, Woodpeckers, Starlings, and can’t forget the 2 Morning Doves. Granddaughter ran from kitchen window to sewing room windows and was counting them. Some she counted several times so I won’t give her numbers.

Now I am going to work these 2 quilts and hopefully getting one of them done by Friday. I am giving myself deadlines as if I don’t I’m not sure how long it will take. This way there will be no watching the birds.

Stay warm and stay safe.

What a Week!

I got the quilt for a friend finished and she will be picking it up tomorrow. My first scrap quilt and am happy to say I am hooked.

I will be making 2 more next week. It will be a little different but basically the same. I had never made scallops before and was looking for a ruler. We stopped in at my favorite sewing machine shop to see what they had and saw the new Janome sewing quilting machine and we ended up buying it. I love it. It has an industrial motor and lots of other things that I am still trying to figure out. I think I will be going back for some one on one time with them for a class on it.

It did come with a book, and 2 CDs. So in the future I will be doing a lot of playing. I will keep you posted as I go.

I am now taking clothes apart to make the next 2 scrap quilts. Lady’s mother passed away and I am making her and her sister memory quilts. Great way to spend a cold snowy day. I hope everyone stays safe

What were you doing a year ago?

One year ago we were planning on going to Washington DC to see the blooming of the Cherry trees. We would drive from Missouri to Washington DC with stops along the way. In 2017 we went to the New England States and stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial it was so very emotional to read of the heroic actions of the passengers on this flight. To know you will not see family and loved ones and still try and take charge of an airplane from terrorist who wanted to destroy the Pentagon. The memorial was still finishing up some additions and we wanted to see those this trip.

This is the beginning of the end of flight 93. Should you get to Pennsylvania see this.

While in Pennsylvania we did visit Gettysburg….WOW the history.

Just imagine the battles fought through out this area and town.

The history of the United States has been full of strife and struggles, but has survived. I guess this has reminded that the battle over this virus will make all of us stronger and will start appreciating what we have more. As far as our trip to Washington DC, I guess we will plan that for anther day. We will sit and looks at the travels photos of our previous trips. We have truly been blessed so far.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Scrappy Quilt

I have talking about trying a scrappy quilt and now I am making one. It isn’t for me, but for a friend of mine. It is turning out to be pretty good. I am trying not to plan each block, but it is what it is. After I make this one I will be making one for myself.

Some of the fabric was her mother’s and then the more colorful pieces we are just adding in. I have 1/3rd the blocks made for the top already made. It is going together pretty quickly and easily.

This past 8 or so days have just sped by leaving me to wonder where did it go. We had some snow on Friday. Destiny and I made a snowman, we aren’t very good at snowman making, but she did have fun.

Look closely to her left and you will see him. We did put a carrot for a nose, and pennies for eyes and mouth. Saturday when she looked out to make sure it was still there(not taken by Aliens) the nose was gone. Squirrels took it. Not sure what brought on the Alien bit, but she left candy outside incase they came by to visit. After she went to sleep I got the candy and brought it back in the house. She was excited the “Aliens” found the candy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay safe.

Think I am safer quilting and a little round

yuu have to come up. Tuesday we decided to walk a more flat area which is down one of the ways into the neighborhood. No sidewalks so as we were walking on the road when a car came we walked in the grass so not a problem. We had gone about a mile and this is when a car came towards us, we moved over and the car kept coming very close to us and when I moved over again I fell into a ditch. Took me a few minutes to pick myself up and we hobbled home. The ankle was swollen and very painful. Now we had joined 2 gyms, not one but 2 Tuesday morning. Our insurance pays for it so we joined the city gym and then Planet Fitness for when the city gym was full.

We had to get Granddaughter from school so we went from her school to the Emergency Room. While I was getting xrays Destiny kept Grandpa busy with “I spy” and little games on my phone. When I got back to the car she informed me not to worry she made sure Grandpa took his blood sugars and had dinner.

The outcome of the foot is I chipped a bone in the ankle. I have a splint and crutches. I see my Orthopedic tomorrow to see what he says.

Now I have done summersaults with granddaughter, jumped around like a kangaroo(she is 6 and I am 67) not a scratch. Just walking fall in a ditch and chip a bone.

Image may contain: 1 person, sleeping, screen and indoor

Seriously after the Orthopedic tomorrow we will know what I can do and can’t do. My older granddaughters have offered to come clean, cook, or do laundry for me because “Grandpa can’t”. I love those girls to the moon and back.

Have a great day and in the words of hubby “Be Careful”

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