JR’s quilt is in the mail.

Finished baby JR’s baby quilt and got it in the mail. The first photo is better as far as the color goes, but the 2nd is it completed.

Now I am working on 2 tshirt quilts. I have most of them cut and am ironing interfacing on them. I hope they turn out well. They are his and hers quilts with just a few minor changes to each. Can’t have them get confused. That part is still in the brain.

We have less than a month till our last craft sale (maybe 2nd to last). I enjoy doing these, because I love visiting with the people who are walking around.

Mary is making some bath salts and scrubs with her Young Living Oils, Alicia was (I hope still) making crocheted dragons, and Ashley and Jim are making some wood signs. Hubby is making military plaques. Me I’m making aprons and quilts for others,

Isn’t he cute?

Hubby’s wood working.

I don’t have any photos of Mary’s items, but will soon. Hope everyone is doing ok and planning on a nice weekend.

What a beautiful week

This last week has been beautiful. The temp has been in the 70’s and low 80’s with rain storms the last 2 nights. I was able to get out and work in the front flowerbed for the first time this year. (I had foot surgery and then hubby was in the hospital ant then too hot.Now perfect).

This week I have started a baby quilt for my Nephew and Niece’s new baby. He arrived on the 13th. All I knew is their theme for the nursery was “wild and free” . They live in Texas and both are outdoors people, who live and work a ranch. Michael(nephew) is a true cowboy and loves the work. Sarah(his wife) is right there with him sooooooooooooooo as I was looking thru the fabric stash this is what I came up with.

Then started playing with what I wanted each step to look like. Hubby gave me his input and this is what I finally decided on.

As I look at this I think I will change the small inner corner from gold to blue.

Once I finish this I will be working on some Christmas gifts. I have 2 granddaughters who now have their own homes and it will be fun to make them some house hold items for their new places.

Do you make any Christmas , or whatever your Holiday is, gifts?

How many?

Any favorite items?

For a long time I made sleep pants for each family. May have to start that up again….we will see.

Happy August all.

What a difference a list makes

I have been feeling lately that I never get anything accomplished, so I’ve started making myself lists. Today, by 2:30 this afternoon I had all done and even finished up the last binding for a charity quilt.

Now to start on baby quilts for family members. Have 2 to make before long. One I will make for a nephew’s new son.

Tonite our son, daughter in law, and puppy will be over. Jethro, their puppy, is now 100 lbs.

This is the growth difference from May on the left, to August on the right. He isn’t even a year old yet only 7 months. Such a cute little thing right? Since he can’t have table food(parent’s fix specific food with chicken) I made him a dessert. We get angel food cake and strawberries, he gets Greek yogurt with peanut butter frozen.

Now to gather fabric to start on a new baby quilt. We will see how it turns out. Fun times.

Do you make lists? Do they help? What will you be doing this week?

Whoa What a morning

We were at the Kansas City Zoo when it opened this morning and the temperature was 75 degrees and beautiful. The animals were very fiesty. We were looking at some Otters in with a type of Monkey when I thought we would have to go home to change clothes. We were inside a building and the monkey’s home was on both sides of the little passage we were walking thru with plexiglass as the ceiling so they could have the run of 1/2 this large room. This one monkey was on the left side of the room so we were watching the Otters swim and play when there was a loud slapping noise. Not 2 feet from me on the other side of the plexiglass window there was this monkey eye to eye to me. I screamed, this got the granddaughter to scream and hubby looking like he had no clue. People down from us were laughing so hard. I can’t blame them I would be too. I think the monkey was laughing. The zoo was fun. I like going in the morning when the heat hasn’t hit yet and the animals are playful.

My favorite photo of the day

When we got home my little “Chef” helped me make Lasagna, sausage kolaches, and cinnamon bread. The next photos are of her and my kitchen with her help.

When she went home I spent an hour cleaning the kitchen up, but we did have fun. I hope you have as much fun doing something as we did.

Quilt Top Finished

Well finished my quilt top and while I’m debating on what to put on the back I am working on my beach wall hanging. I have the background in and started quilting that before I put the people in. The more I quilted the more I didn’t like the look of it so for 3 hours I picked out the stitches. It didn’t look like my drawing so tomorrow is a new day. Have you ever experienced this? You’re probably thinking, “Are you crazy?!” I will finish this part of it tomorrow evening.

As far as the quilt top I finished, I am trying to decide if I want whole cloth back or piece a backing. Which do you prefer?

I am going to use a low loft cotton batting for the inside. I want this to be a summer quilt. I am very cold natured so I sleep with a quilt on the bed and this would be nice to have one not as warm as my others.

Enjoy your week and make something fun.

Week is almost over

I think I am part Rip Van Winkle. I woke up and it is now Thursday. Today will find me making more aprons. When those are finished I will start on correcting my mistake on the quilt I was working on. You see it?

I have decided to start taking pictures of my quilts to see any mistakes. I don’t know how many times I looked at this as I was working on it to see how all looked. I never noticed until I took a picture and posted it on facebook. A few wonderful women pointed it out to me. Thank you all so much. I even had hubby look at it. He is my “painfully” honest critic and he over looked it. Thank you to my friends at Farmhouse Quilts for pointing this out. I want to enter it into the guild quilt show in April and it needs to be perfect.

I love working with batiks. They are so happy in any quilt. What is your favorite fabric to work with? Why?

Do you NEED to feel a fabric before buying it? I do. It has to feel good or “talk” to me before it goes into my cart. Sometimes I will purchase a fabric just for the feel and then build around it.

I love hearing from all.

Have a great day.

Beautiful Sunday to you

I started a quilt last week and have all the piecing completed and getting ready to start assemble. With that said I have had a photo hanging on my door and wanted to put it into a wall hanging. I picked out the fabric, but have been a little, no a lot, scared to cut into some of it as I have limited amount of it. This morning I said, “You have to do it sometime.” So I did it. I used some chalkboard chalk to kind of draw out some of my cutting lines. Now I need to cut out the pieces for the people walking. I’m trying to decide if I want 1 or 2 people walking down the beach. What do you think? Here is the photo of what I am using.

This is what I started this morning.

I see a few changes I need to make right now, but I would love your input.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.