A Week In Process

In the last few weeks we have been making gnomes, bowl cozies, and dolls for craft fairs. Hubby has been down stairs cutting Military Plaques out. Then our new “Hobby” Target Shooting. We joke that we see each other only for meals, but it got close to being like that, so we decided to do this together. It is a lot of fun, but gets a little expensive for ammo. We go out 1 or 2 times a week so that is good.

Today I will work on Gnomes a little more then start on a scrap quilt. This will be interesting to see how it turns out. I have a large basket full of scraps and will just start sewing and see where it goes. Hahaha maybe in the trash. Oh well.

Meet the new members to the Gnome Family.

KC Chief’s Gnome

Quick Trip(Convenience store here) Mascot

Chef Gnome, Santa and Ms. Clause, and Gerome Gnome.

Celebrating the starting of the Santa Fe, California, Oregon Wagon Trains

Independence, Missouri has been celebrating the beginning of the Santa Fe, California, Oregon Wagon Trains. This is where the people would gather to meet up with the Wagon Trains to go West. The celebration starts on the Friday of Labor Day Weekend and ends on Monday evening. There are craft booths, LOTS of Food vendors, All kinds of carnival games, and rides. One section of Independence Square is blocked off and is set up as it was in 1824. Enjoy a few photos that I managed to take.

This couple would talk to you as they did in that time. It threw us for a few moments then caught on.

This last photo shows the difference and changes in time.

Have a great day and stay well

A Rainy Day

Today is one of those rainy days that all you want to do is curl up with a good book, some chocolate candy and listen to it rain. I love those days. I think today instead of reading (my 2nd favorite thing to do) I will do some baking. Bread and cookies. We are meeting friends for dinner then here for dessert. I love the smell of baking, I also love eating hot chocolate chip cookies, bread and jelly. YUMMMMMMMMMm. Today will be one of those days so get your smellers geared up.

I bake and freeze what I make. This comes in handy when people pop in. This happened last night when daughter and granddaughter stopped by. We hadn’t seen Emily for quite a while and was good to see her. She is a CNA at one of the local hospitals and is working 4 plus days a week. This Covid stuff is keeping the hospital’s hopping. I sent her home with a scrub cap I made for her, some candy, and other goodies.

I know I have a quilt that needs to be finished by today I’m just not wanting to sew. If I do I know I will be spending more time ripping out. Will try again tomorrow. Today is baking. The more I think about it the more hot cookies sound good. , Well kitchen is call me. Have a great day doing something fun.

Gnomes All Over

This last week I’ve started working on making Gnomes. I would like to introduce Jerome The Gnome…..

From the top of his head and the round bottom he is 17″ tall and weighs about 5lbs. I am having fun making these. Then today finished up these 2 little guys. Chef Gnomes…

May be an image of indoor

These are only 11 inches tall and less than 1lb.

I am sitting here thinking of all the types of Gnomes out there. Teachers, Gardners, Artist, Sewest, and so many more.

Now I have a serious bit of advice…beware if you are taking steroids. Drink LOTS of fluid. I usually have about 5 glasses of water, juice, and soda in a day. Thursday I had finished a series of steroids for a bronchial infection and doing fine. Suddenly not feeling good and within 30 min my blood pressure dropped from 141/84 to 70/55. By time hubby drove me to the ER it was 60/40 and I was a blob of nothing. Like a wet noodle. A few hours later and an IV lots of test, I found out I was dehydrated. A mixture of the heat and the steroids brought it on. Now I know. Drink more liquids and keep soda to 2 a day.

Now happy thoughts are I am going to make more Gnomes and will let all know how things are going.

Bet you thought this crazy old lady was gone from the Blog world….

We’re back. Yes the last month is one that this family doesn’t want to have a do over. We had to take an expected ,but unwanted trip to Texas. We lost my older brother to COPD and went to say goodbye. We decided to add a few days and stop in Arkansas and then Galveston. The trip down we ran into rain from Eureka Springs, Arkansas all the way to Port Lavaca, Texas where we got rain all most every day. We did sneak some photos in of Galveston before the rain.

These are of Pleasure Pier. It has rides over the water.

Just a few of the Cruise Ship and other sites.

Rain sets in. A few from Port Lavaca TX.

My niece’s pet Sandbar deer. She was so sweet

Then a rainy night

A view from our hotel room. This is the bay front. We did get a little shopping in while we were on the road.

A wonderful Week

This week has been good. Not a lot of sewing but lots of time just Hubby and I. We’ve decided to take up target shooting and am having a great time. We will be leaving Aug 1st to go to Texas for a quick trip, but will be back down for Thanksgiving. So tomorrow I will be making my Aunt some bowl cozies, then I will start packing and making sure things are all ready.

Since no sewing, here are a few photos from past Tx visits.

Sammy the Sandbar deer
Loved to wake up to this every morning

This is an attempt at putting the walk from above in a wall hanging.

Have a great day and be safe.

What a month

I have finished the 6 quilts. All have been mailed and I hope delivered.

Made 2 of these.

These turned out a lot better than I thought it would be.

While making these hubby got pneumonia AGAIN. This is the 2nd time this year. I’m glad he got his pneumonia vaccine. This time he didn’t have to be hospitalized. We are so happy.

We are getting more rain than normal and I know family in Texas are flooding again. The weather has been wild and unusual. So far all are doing ok.

We have decided to get silly in our old age and have been going to the gun range shooting. This has been fun and I think we will continue to go, but not as often.

Tuesday was the first time in over a month to spend time in the yard and got some things cleaned up now rain. I have a field of mushrooms growing. It could be worse right? Right.

Well better get ready for my little helper today. Since rain we will be baking and playing games and no telling what else.

Enjoy your day and stay safe

Finally a Craft Fair

Yesterday was the first fair we were a part of since Covid. We were ready for it, but the heat wasn’t helping. The temperature was 95 with a comfort index of 3 didgets is what the TV said last night. Even though we had a great time and all came home a few dollars to the good.

This was our booth. Hubby is going to have to get to work making more Military Trivet.

We would like to wish all the Dads out there a very happy Father’s Day.

To celebrate Father’s Day here the kids are buying their Dad’s favorite pizza and going to suprise him. At the fair yesterday they had local Breweries, Vineyards out for tasting and selling their brands. So for Hubby we purchased a Missouri made Burbon and a Cordial aged in bourbon barrels. So tasty I thought I was sneaky but he found them un loading the car. What made him open the tote with aprons in it. Oh well.

Have a great day and stay safe

3 Down 3 to go

I’ve been making Memory Quilts. The lady wanted 6 and sent me the clothes. This was last month. Yesterday I put 3 in the mail to her and crossing my fingers she likes them. We did. I have several pairs of hubby’s old jeans so will cut them up to make one for us.

Really liked how this turned out. I put a thin black binding

These last 2 are the same quilt. This one took 35 hours to quilt. Lots of 1/4 ” lines. Turned out pretty good.

Today no sewing just cleaning and then gardening. Can’t wait to get outside. Enjoy your day.

The last 2 weeks working

The last couple of weeks has been busy. Microwave goes out and had to replace. Refrigerator making noises and instock choices limited so we bit the bullet and got another one. Got 3 quilt tops made and 2 of them quilted. And teaching Granddaughter to embroider. She wanted to hand sew so she drew a picture on some fabric. I drew it on the back side and taught her the “poke”method. She did a pretty good job.

These are the 2 finished quilts.

These 2 quilts are made from the mother’s clothes. Now on to the next on on the table then on to 3 more..

Happy Memorial Day to all. A big Thank you to all who gave their lives for us.

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